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About GS Restorations



 About GS Restorations

GS Restorations is a small shop but takes great pride in its work.  This is basically a one man operation with all work done in-house with the only exceptions being machine work, metal plating (chrome, zinc, cad), gauge repairs (tachs, clocks, etc), & seat belt restoration/re-webbing. There are usually no more than 2 projects going at the same time. Each car gets the individual attention it deserves. Never having more than 2 projects going at one time also insures that the restorations will progress at a reasonably fast rate.  Since GS Restorations is a small place, there is not room to have cars sitting around. If a car is here in the shop it is there to receive work, not to sit and wait.


Most frequently asked questions: 


1. How do you charge & what is your labor rate?

All work is billed by the hour at a rate of $35. The customer is updated regularly with a log of labor hours along with video and photographs documenting the progress to keep the customer informed and prevent any surprises.



2. How long does it take to complete a restoration?

The number of hours depends on the project. Obviously a car that is complete and rust free will not take as may hours to complete as a car that is rusty that requires major metal work and panel replacement. Using a couple of past projects as examples:

  •      1968 Chevelle 300 L-79 Sedan: basically a basket case in the beginning - 980 hours
  •      1967 GTO convertible: extremely rusty basket case, MANY panels required replacement - 832 hours
  •      1970 GS Stage 1 (red): started as a nice driver, no rust, no panel replacement required - 460 hours    
  •      1970 GSX (Apollo White): not rusty, not a frame off restoration - 400 hours


While every effort is made to provide an honest estimate before any work begins, many factors can cause the price to rise. Examples are items such as hidden rust, previous damage, non-repairable parts, etc. 



3. Will you just paint my car, or just detail my engine compartment?

Yes, many customers have brought their old car for a small job such as an engine rebuild, engine compartment detailing, or mechanical issues. Small jobs that take one month or less can sometimes be squeezed in while we are waiting for hard to find parts or holdups with other projects.  



4. Can I supply my own parts?

Yes.  The customer is welcomed and encouraged to provide any and all parts. Spending time on the phone or Internet looking for parts is time consuming and we would rather be working on a car than talking on the phone. However, customer supplied parts must be available when needed.



5. Where are you located?

GS Restorations is located in Joelton, Tennessee (about 18 miles NW of Nashville). We can be contacted via email at if you have any questions or comments.  Customers are always welcome to call anytime to inquire about their project.


6. How big is your shop?

GS Restorations is small. We only have 4 bays of work space plus several storage areas.  Yes, most other shops are bigger but that is because they usually have many projects going at the same time. We have no more than two projects underway at one time.