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     1969 Pontiac GTO

  • Mayfair Maize Exterior
  • Gold Bucket Seat Interior
  • Dark Fawn Vinyl top
  • 400 ci 350 hp
  • 400 THM Automatic Transmission
  • 3.23 10-bolt Rearend
  • PS, PDB, A/C


This car was obtained by it current owner in the condition shown below.  It had sat for a period of time with flat tires but luckily it had almost no major rust. There were 58,126  GTOs made in 1969 and 32,744 were equiped with the base engine and automatic transmission like this car...this is a common GTO.  That's why the owner decided to restore this car...because it is NOT a Judge, convertible, Ram Air, or even a 4-speed. This is the type of '69 GTO that you actually saw driving around on the streets across America.


This car had survived the years without any major modifications.  Only normally serviced items were replaced by its former owners. The original Dawn Fawn vinyl top was replaced at some point by a black top and the original hubcaps were all missing.





Below: Basic chassis is almost complete May 2004.


The only deviations from the way this car was originally equipped is the addition of 14x6 Rally II wheels and G-70 tires.  If a perfect set of original full wheel covers can be located they may be installed.


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The original YS code engine was in excellent condition and was rebuilt to stock specs with the exception of forged pistons.  The engine has the original heads, intake, carb, exhaust manifolds, water pump, A/C compressor, alternator, distributor, etc.


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A complete exhaust system was purchased from Gardner exhaust and features correct bends, different length mufflers, and tailpipes with resonators (unique to automatic transmission cars).


Check back for more photos showing the progress toward completion...

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